Thinking about building a PC in 2022?

Thinking about building a PC in 2022?

Since buying my PS4 way back in 2015, I've always thought about building a PC. On paper, it just makes sense! A PC that you can game on, better performance than a console, more longevity and flexibility. I ended up pulling the trigger in Sept 2019, getting a great deal on a used PC 

I watch a few videos and inevitably stop my research when I saw the eye watering prices for components and the overwhelming variety of parts. 

Well in 2022? It's gotten worse. Due to chip shortages, shipping backlogs and the boom in crypto prices. This has meant MSRP price of GPU's are suggestions, and that's if you're lucky enough to snag one at all. Budget PC's are almost impossible to build unless you're looking on the used market. 

Prices are high, and supply is low, so what can you do? Honestly, not much. It's the answer most people don't want to hear but it's the state of the current market. You can wait it out, till supply bottle necks are fixed, and chip manufacturing has caught up with demand. Hopefully supply will be widely available and GPU's can be bought for or close to MSRP. 

For those impatient of you, what options do you have? Well if money is burning a whole in your pocket, you could get a GPU from scalpers and everything else should come easy but what about for those of us who aren't on a budget the size of small countries GDP? A mix of the used market and patience. It's fairly easy to snag a low to mid tier PC would a components a few years old but that also gives you the advantage of playing ASAP and upgrading down the line. Even a GPU from a few years ago can play AAA games at 1080p 60 FPS, which is more than enjoyable. 

I hope this helped and added some perspective on the current situation. Besides scalpers and miners the current situation helps no one. The best thing to do is to wait it out, and be happy with what you currently have access to. There are a million games on PC, indie and big budget, that can be run easily on older hardware, and run enjoyable as well. It sucks we can't all have access to PC's that can do 4k 144Hz but be happy for what we do have! 

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